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Doki Doki Bento!

Two Bento Lovers

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Why I named this DokiDokiBento... Doki Doki in japanese is the sound effect for the heart beating. Usally in a romantic scene drawn out in japanese shojo manga. Since this journal is for my Fiance and I, I thought it fitting. Since most Bentos are tokens of affection. And my Fiance LOVES homemade food as tokens of affection. (*sigh* what can I say- I'm the romantic one XP )Bento, are japanese lunches. Usually school kids have them made by parents or themsleves and are given/taken at breakfast time and are eaten in the middle of the school day. They're a healthy and money concious choice. Usually a very tasty one as well. The great thing about Bento making is YOU get to make the menu! So to keep me motivated in the Bento ways, I've created this journal to watch myself. If you happen to come along and enjoy what you see, please stop by and friend me! I'll friend you back if we have intrests in common! Thank you!

As for my Fiance and I... We've been dating since sophmore year of high school. We live in Seattle where my Fiance is a graduate from AIS in Video Productions. I'm a student in College right now. We have 2 cats: Spunky, and Tigger(youngest to oldest). We love going out to eat, going to the Ballard locks, and watching movies.