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Doki Doki Bento!

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Doki Doki Bento



January 8th, 2007

For dinner I made a favorite of Usagi's. It's very easy to make and served over lots of rice.

What you'll need:

Beef Flank (weight depending on how many you're feeding)
One Green Pepper
One Yellow Onion
1/4 cup Soysauce
and a "splash" of water
fresh garlic clove smashed OR I use a jar of minced garlic and spoon what I need

Cut the beef flank in strips. If they're too long cut them in half. Size it between 2-3 inches. Set aside.
Clean and cut green pepper in half. Remove seeds from inside. Rinse out anything left. Make long cuts about 3/4's an inch wide or larger. Then cut into 4 sections so you'll have "cubes". Set aside.
Take the onion and chop off just the top and bottom of the onion. Then remove the flakey skin on top. Rinse quickly the areas that have been cut and your knife so that your eyes won't begin to tear up. Depending if you like your onions chunky or just for flavor: cut your onion in half, and then cut one half of the onion in 4ths and then in half. This will give you chunkier onions. If you like them more for flavor, take one half of the onion and cut thin slices. Put aside.

In a skillet/pan add a good dab of vegetable oil. Add your garlic to the oil and heat the pan on medium. When you hear the garlic begin to sizzle add your meat. Cook till brown on both sides and then add vegetables. Continue to fry up for 2-3 minutes. Add soysauce and then water and cover with a lid and let simmer for 5-7 minutes.

When done remove from heat, get your plate ready with lots of rice, and scoop on the yummies :3

Just thinking about it makes me hungry again.

January 6th, 2007


berry happy
No new bentos yet. Currently I don't have a job or school to go to, so really bento making is a special occasion right now. Soon though, I'll be in my kitchen working up special recipes for a book I'm making my Niece. Also a friend of mine showed interest in it as well. So this is me trying to come up with healthy yummy kid bentos XP Then I get to draw it all out and compile it into a book!

My Niece got into my bento stuff when we moved and really liked it. I told her if she liked them so much she could wait for Christmas and see what she got! So I gave her a whole buncha stuff to help her with bento making. I'm sure she's playing with it more right now than anything, but she'll come around to it when I make the book.

In the mean time, Usagi and I are off to San Francisco on Monday! We should be back Thursday night.

January 3rd, 2007


It's so good to see the bento community growing! I'm excited by all the pretty bentos. The seasons are changing and it's time to get ready for bento making again!

Just to let those interested, I've changed my school interest in Japanese language and culture studies. Here we go again :)

September 18th, 2006

Oh Dear,

How negligent of me. I had a stream of things going on from the end of July and so on. Usagi and I are still on the apartment search, I've already started to pack. Today I made Pansit Canton, wait till Usagi comes home to eat it *heart* Other than j-list having more cool bentos I want to buy I am still pennyless. So yes, I am still on Hiatus ;.;

June 30th, 2006

Gomen ne!

berry happy
I'm sorry to everyone who has chosen to watch my journal. I have some new picture but have been too busy to have gotten around to posting. Also I've been much too busy to cook and much too poor to buy supplies.

So I'm up a creek without a paddle.

Good news is Usagi and I will be moving soon! But that also means busy busy busy... so I might be on hiatus for a while ;.;

June 12th, 2006

New Recipes

Today I splurged on books. I might do it again tomorrow since Usagi and I are going to Uwajimaya's.

Not only did I get some english translated manga, but I picked up new recipe books. I already have a personal family one that we add to now and then. An ALL chicken one (YUM) and a Green Market Cookbook- which i don't like really. It just has a lot of things I'll probably never ever make.

One of the books I picked up today was "Filipino Homestyle dishes". Some of the spelling is interesting, and their food as well. Though I have my family recipes in my head, there are some things I'm not so sure of. Sad thing is, there wasn't a recipe for Sinigang. The problem with this soup is that it's like the Miso of the Philippines. Throw in what you want with tamarind. Sometimes recipes online don't even call for tamarind, they call for white vinegar! It's one of my favorite soups to have when I visit the P.I.

I also bought, "Japanese Family-Style recipes". It has general homestyle food that isn't overly done japanese food. Or new modern japanese food which is kinda weird! It features everything from Miso soup, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, yakitori, tamagoyaki, veggie tempura, onigiri, okonomiyaki, and even shiratama dango!

I'm really excited to try some new things out. Grocery shopping first. I haven't received my red usagi bento yet. I'll give it another day or two. Auuugh~ bills to pay. XO

June 10th, 2006

Silent Protest

I haven't been updating lately due to the fact I am in protest of my camera. I refuse to use it after my last incident. Not just because of that incident, it has ruined many pictures, and has just been problematic.

I've also discovered, being the picky eater that I am. I have a hard time picking something for myself to eat. Not to mention I work in a grocery store, there's always fresh food, and sometimes free!

Yesterday though, when I woke up I was craving something particular. So I got out of bed, and put on a small pot of rice instead of the cooker (bad mistake). At my Mothers home where I'm used to cooking we had all sorts of pots and pans and mostly non stick. Well, living with Usagi's family in the mean time before we move, they have limited pots and pans. So anyways, I look at what we have in the fridge, and since the tamagoyaki pan experience we haven't been out shopping. So there's no eggs. No real fresh vegetables. It was a horrible selection. We do have smoke sausages, leftovers from dinner at the Macaroni Grill, Some Takuwan, dying strawberries and refrigerated cans of pineapple.

So for Usagi, I take his leftovers and set them in the bottom tier (we received his green Totoro bento! SO CUTE, so small- yet holds so much food) and leave space for rice. I wash and cut up some okay strawberries and put them in a bowl. Open up a can of cut pineapple and add those in with the strawberries and toss lightly. Put them in a wax paper cup on the top tier. Added 3 grape tomatoes and a mint. And on top gave him a "sugar" jelly. It's called "milky", but it smells like a huge chunk of slightly carmelized sugar! I was overwhelmed by the smell! Usagi loves little jellies like that, I'm not a big fan of squish.

So while the rice is cooking, I cut up my little smoke sausages into future octopi. Heat up the pan and heat those suckers up! They're so cute! I let a few sit with their legs sprawled and cool down and others lying down. I place a small cup of the fruit as well into my smaller obento, and place a pink divider. add the rice (which turned out undercooked because of lack of time and proper equipment) added my octopi and two takuwan ontop of the rice.

Case closed! Stuffed a few candies under the bento belt and ran off to work.

Which turns out, Work was giving out free breakfast food for employee appreciaition. Darn, it always happens this way. Oh well, I ate all day haha!

Today I think I'll make pancit, if we have enough ingredients, go shopping a bit for some groceries. I thought today I could relax, but it's our friends girlfriends birthday. And we're close with them, and so they have us on the VIP list. Usagi and I have never been to a club.

June 4th, 2006


I spent all morning cooking a nice lunch for Usagi. Took good photos. AND THE CAMERA CORRUPTED THEM! ARGH!!! I hate our new camera- We are getting another new one to replace what we have, but this has been such an annoying camera! I'm so sad! I'll try and have Usagi take photos at work before he eats and see if he can send pictures to me ;.;


His lunch today was Kelbasa sausage, cheese, and tomato omelette. Rice packed in on the side garnished with grape tomatoes. On the other side was two bunny/usagi rice buns, a strawberry, grapes and raspberry melody ;.;

Ahh!! It was so good looking!

Well... to make up for it I just got shown by a pro how to use a Tamagoyaki pan! Cuz the whole family knows I'm so bad with eggs. The pans always take forever to clean because of me XO D'oh! Usagi's step dad use to be a sushi chef and a baker. He's a very cool guy :3 We just used all the eggs tho Haha.

Japanese you're crazy people!! (I mean that in the best way)

June 3rd, 2006

Todays dinner will be:

Pork Chops pan fried with garlic, white wine, and onions. salt and pepper to taste.
Scalloped potatoes (from the box, I've had home made and I prefer box)
Pork Stuffing (box)
Sauteed vegetables of zuccini, red and green bellpeppers.
And a pork gravy.

Dessert, fresh fruit.

Tomorrow's breakfast:

Longanisa and rice.

Today I went shopping for food to 3 different stores! I went to Ranch 99, Paldo World, and Albertsons.

Usagi and I are planning on buying a George Foreman grill! I'm excited, many new things can be made with that at hand :3

June 1st, 2006

Happy June!

berry happy
Ah! it's summer! I received my first shipment of obento stuff today. I received my onigiri molds, my garnish cut outs, and my tamagoyaki pan. Only to have Usagi's* Mom tell me we already OWN a pan!!! UGH! So now I selling it to the best offer! Brand new never used Tamagoyaki pan from asianutensils.com for sale to best offer!

I also visited Daiso and stocked up on things! This is my haul:

and this CUTE sheep bento band! I couldn't resist and bought two! There's one available if someone is interested!

(*alias for my fiance)
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